Time alone can be a dangerous thing….

My husband and kids left today for a week of skiing. Yes, even the little ones. Everyone skis. I am not sure I count as a skier but I have been. Hubby started in Europe at age 8 and the teens started when they were 4 and 6. We started  our 3 1/2-year-old last year and now it’s time for the youngest(2yo) to start. My in-laws have a condo in one of the ski towns and we go up for a week  every year. This year a change in my work schedule made it impossible for me to go. I have mixed feelings about that. I have lucked missed out on skiing for the past 7 yrs. I have either been pregnant or had a child too young to join in so I had an excuse to not participate. That reason is over now that the last child will be on skis.

Skiing is a skinny person’s sport. Anyone with cankles trying to get into a ski boot can tell you that! It would make me cry trying to get the boot to buckle around my large calves. I would ski without them buckled it was so awful and that is not at all safe!  Heaven forbid you fall over in skis. You might as well be a turtle on its shell when you’re overweight! I like to ski too, but the humility of trying to get the equipment on and not falling over, or off the lift is more anxiety than it is worth! So in a way I was relieved when  my scheduled interfered. On the other hand I would love to not just hear the stories of their time on the mountain, but see it too. I love the snow, the mountains and although I haven’t gotten past the bunny slope, I like gliding down the slope and feeling, just a little bit, like an athletic person. Next Year!!

There are 2 ways I could go while being alone. Eat out a lot because, you know, that’s easier than cooking for one. That was what I have done in the past. Or eat really well because again, I am only cooking for me and there isn’t any temptation from others who love the carbs and sauces and sweets. I stocked up on protein drinks and shakes, lettuce, turkey, in anticipation of this week. Sent all the chips, bread, and cookies with the family. Make it to the gym more than the 4 times I did last week, after all I have no one else’s schedules interfering. First I am going to clean the house. It is the only time it will stay clean for longer than 30 seconds!

If I can have as good a week as what I am planning, then my next weigh in should be awesome, right?! This week’s was a little depressing. A gain of 1.4 lbs. I thought I had done ok and wasn’t expecting a gain! I only made it to the gym 4 times but they were for 1.5 hours each and I cut out several breakfasts and lunches for Biggest Loser shakes or meal bars and watched my portions and content of the meals I did eat. Sigh! It’s a process, I know. Ups come with the downs. I just want a whole lot less ups!

Let’s start the week off right together!

Eat our veggies

Get enough sleep

Drink water, lots of water


You don’t drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.

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  1. I didn’t like skiing even when I was skinny. Poor Har.

    It sounds like a nice reparative week to me! And you’ve got a jump start on your plans. You know your weaknesses and you are planning ahead to make healthy decisions. WONDERFUL!

    Enjoy your “freedom”. If you are anything like me by Thursday you’ll be wishing they were home.

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