goals round 2

Thanks for the input guys.  Last week I generally listed my goals because I 1) didn’t want to overshare and 2) didn’t think anyone would be interested in the specifics of my goals. AB mentioned making it a daily list I checked off each day. Little did she know I had already done that. I lived with one for a week and didn’t love it so I made some changes.  Here is what I see for next week.

I’ll put it in a page protector and use a dry erase marker to fill it out every night and keep track of water and such that day by crossing off things as I do them.

I made this meal ideas sheet so that I will have food to turn to instead of leftover Christmas Candy.

So, that is how I’m going to cut down on refined sugar and get more veggies in my diet. It has ideas that are quicker than others and things that I can prepare in the morning. It also has some “fun” food that hopefully will help me feel like I’m not missing out when we aren’t going out to eat.  I got pretty specific on my cleaning schedule too.

Hopefully having things divied up will help me be mroe motivated.

How are your new goals going? Do you have something you live by that is similar to mine? How do you stay organized on your goals?

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  1. This is awesome! Now I need you to do it for me….if only you lived nearby and could pop over to help me out. I am so impressed!!! And excited to see your progress 🙂

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