Breaking all the rules…

Hi. It’s me. Aims. Shhhh…don’t tell AB, totally hijacking her day. LOL. Actually, I missed mine (where did this week go?), and thought I would share a bit before I was reported MIA. Last night my amazing husband and I attended his Battalion Ball. It was our first one, and I was nervous. I can’t tell you how misguided that was. What an amazing time. I felt like Cinderella..complete with my Prince Charming by my side. I also realized that for one of the first events n a very long time, I FELT beautiful. The gown, hair, make-up, ballroom and all its magic just added to the evening. The greatest moment though, was watching the slideshow of the past year..our Soldiers returned from a deployment to Iraq, and we had lots to share and celebrate. As pictures began filling the screen, I gasped…there I was, or was that even me? The only similarity were the facial expressions and features, it wasn’t ME. That girl was not who I saw when I looked into the mirror getting ready that evening, she was a past that I had left..90lbs ago!! I used to hate pictures of me, now I realize they are all just a part of my journey. I DID look that way last year, now a healthier, happier person takes her place. So, keeping this post short (I am afterall, hijacking remember..) I am going to include a recent picture, my newest stage in the journey to me. Take pictures..document the success of you!!


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  1. you look great! sounds like a fun night!

  2. You do look fab, Amy! I’m so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished! 90 lbs is AWESOME!!

  3. You are gorgeous and that hubby looks awfully proud to have you on his arm!!

  4. I’m happy to be hijacked…actually, I was thinking yesterday that I didn’t have any inkling of what I was going to write about and I usually do! You were meant to post those fabulous pictures today. Impressed by your attitude and all you’ve accomplished!!! Keep up the awesome work ❤

  5. You look fabulous and you look like you feel like you look fabulous. Keep on keeping on! My brother is looking pretty good too…what a pair!

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