Out of the shadows….

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kris. You may have seen some of my comments to various posts, AB even mentioned me in one of hers. Yep, I am that Kris. I have been stalking, I mean reading this blog from the beginning. I have not had the pleasure of meeting any of these great ladies. I only know AB through her hubby who I met in church when I was in Middle School and he was in High School. He and his BF became dear friends of mine.

I admire the relationships that are so evidently good on here and for a while now the idea has been running around my noggin of being a part of this group. It seems like for as much as the posts have helped me, it really helps the writers as well. I need more accountability even if it is the cyber kind. I do not have any close girlfriends and hubs just ain’t cutting it. He loves food yet can just decide to lose weight and drop 15 pounds in a month. How fair is that? Long story short I asked if I could turn to you all on a regular basis. My normal posting day will be on Sundays, but I wanted to get started right away!

I can pinpoint exactly when I got fat. It was a conscious choice at age 12 and over the summer I ballooned to 160lbs. The reason is for another therapy blog, but if I had known then the struggle with weight I was setting myself up for perhaps I could have found something other than food to be my comforter. I have yo-yoed like no body’s business. At my heaviest I was 267. I was able to drop 63lbs of that in a year and saw the 190’s in my future and then had my youngest 2 years ago. I actually put on more weight after having her than when I was pregnant and was back up to 250. I now sit at 238.4lbs. Ugh, I hate just typing that. I have gained and lost and 8 year old, but I chose to focus on the fact that I ended the year weighing less than I started it and I WILL do it again this year!

I am a mother of 4 ages 15,13,3, and 2. If you ever wonder, talking to the teens and the toddlers is, at times, exactly the same. Their schedules keep me busy from running to toddler programs to teen youth groups as well as my own schedule. I teach Wilton Cake decorating classes as well as being the Financial Controller for our homeschool co-op of 400 families. Yes, we home school. My dear husband went back to school this year to finish his bachelor’s and get his Nurse Practitioner. Since I met him he has talked about going back. As the oldest child has been barreling down toward high school graduation, hubby realized if he is going to do it, he wants to be done before the oldest child gets to college. He then won a $10,000 scholarship from the Rock and Worship Road show concert with Mercy Me. If that wasn’t a 2×4 to the head from God for him to go back to school I do not know what is. He also works the night shift (6p-6a) 4 nights a week in the ER. So between his work, sleeping during the day and schoolwork, it is more often than not like I am a single mom.

I am healthy but fat. Do not have high blood pressure, even though diabetes runs rapid through my family, I am not having any problems in that area, and my cholesterol is 156. I use to be 198. Still considered good, but was pleased as punch when my blood work came back with a lower number in December. There is a big story behind that that we will talk about later. From a medical stand point, my doc says if you didn’t know what I looked like and didn’t have my weight, on paper I am the epitome of health.

It has taken a while to hit a stride juggling everything and I have not been very good about making sure my workouts are a priority since September. I used everyone else’s schedules as the reason I only worked out 2 or 3 times instead of more during whatever week. I was also very frustrated with the little weight loss I had accomplished and had kind of taken a “Why bother attitude?” that I was really fighting against. For the start of the year I have purposely rescheduled some things to put me at the Y ( where we workout) 4 times a week at least. I have also joined the Weigh and Win program Kaiser Permanente is doing in our state. It is a year program that tailors a program for you with daily emails and texts about meals, nutrition, workout plans for the day, and motivational tips. You are required to weigh in once a quarter, but can weigh in weekly for points towards monthly prizes. Each quarter if your weight loss meets a certain % amount, you get a cash prize. Pay me to lose weight? Yes, please! The amount goes up with the higher the weight loss. I am thinking of it as money toward the new wardrobe I will need!

So there it is, at least a start to all there is; laid bare, a little long-winded, but ready for some accountability.

Nothing can stop the man, with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on Earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson


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  1. Welcome, and good luck to you. This is a great group of women to be apt part of!

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