Honesty Time

During Christmas I put on seven pounds but I lost almost two this week.I am 241 lbs.  I am LAME, I know. New Year, New starts right? I shall renew my efforts and motivation and try to continue doing better. This week was a win which I’m pretty proud of since it was my husbands birthday and new years eve. Come on that’s pretty good to have lost any weight in a week like that. PS I tried that whole potty train in three days with my daughter which means three days of staring at a two year old waiting for her to pee or poop and hopefully you are watching it happen in the potty. She is doing pretty good but I definitely think it will take longer than three days to have her completely potty trained. I didn’t realise it would be so emotional. It’s had me stressed to the max.

Biggest Loser Fans out there? Yes? NO! Well you should be if you aren’t. If you only sort of watch like I do and fast forward through most of it because in my opinion it is entirely too long. Mostly I like it because it helps me get my exercise in for the day by giving me comraderie and a little guilty twinge. This season is cool because there are no excuses. Which isn’t entirely accurate there are some pretty legitimate excuses out there but I don’t have any legitimate ones. Also, I mean Santa Claus is on the show and who wouldn’t want to watch Santa get healthy/skinny? 

Goals to make me accountable for

take a multivitamin everyday

drink 64 ounces of water

do some sort of exercise EVERY day (I do count walking and I do count my ten minutes kick boxing solution but hopefully as I get stronger I will have more energy to do more than that)

eat WAY less sugar (including drinking it too)

eat more unrefined carbohydrates

make more meals at home even if it ends up being lame like microwave quesadillas or sandwiches for dinner

clean my house better (I’d love pop quizes on this one because if I think someone may come over I am much more likely to keep my house clean)

read my scriptures better

dedicate a little time to my toddler every day even if it’s just doing her mickey mouse puzzle or playing playdough, just me and her.




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  1. Those are excellent goals! Don’t overwhelm yourself and get discouraged. But this could be a checklist you print out and as you accomplish each thing in a day you get to check it off. Seeing your accomplishments can be a fantastic motivator!

  2. I’m all for goals. I might suggest that you nail them down even more…like instead of using the word more (totally non concrete) you might say, I will read a chapter a day or I will clean a room each day. I love Flylady.net for cleaning suggestions. Even they suggest a little at a time…like keeping your sink clean before you go to bed. Make your goals something you can tell if you’ve accomplished. Checking them off each day is a great idea!

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