New Year’s tortoise

Slow and steady wins the race. Isn’t that how the saying goes? You know from the fable about the tortoise and the hare? The hare is all gung ho but easily distracted. The tortoise may be slow, but he’s consistent…and has a hard shell and he’s green. I like green.

Since starting this beautiful blog in September I have lost just over 15 pounds (latest scale picture below – happy dance!) and since I started measuring in October I’ve lost more than 6 inches!

Maybe that’s not something that would sell a miracle pill, a workout program, a gym membership or a workout DVD, but I’ve got nothing to sell. I’m just sharing my story (of course, I wouldn’t pass up big bucks to write a book, but nobody is knocking at my door). My story is about making the little changes, fixing bad habits, and sticking to it. I’m not racing to a goal weight. I haven’t even set a goal weight. I want to be a healthy weight. I know it’s less than 170 which is what I weighed when I got pregnant with my oldest. Other than that I figure I’ll recognize it when I get there.

This time of year people are making resolutions, but they seem to dissolve quickly into “Things I Wish I Had Done This Year”. So! Let’s talk about how to do it right. Like I said I don’t have a goal weight yet. My goals now have to do with changing bad habits and increasing the frequency of good ones. If you want a goal to work it needs to be specific. Rather than “eat healthier” I make specific goals to improve a good habit (or change a bad habit) one at a time. My most recent goal is to eat more vegetables.

Next you need to make a plan. Not much gets done when you just say, “I think I’ll make twice as much money this year as I did last year!” It may be positive thinking, but unless you have a plan of action to back up your goal it is not likely to come to fruition…works the same with eating more veggies (or working out more, etc). My plan includes going through the produce section EVERY TIME I hit the store, even if it’s just for one item. Keeping my refrigerator stocked with veggies I enjoy is key to making sure I’m eating them. Additionally, I add a serving (or sometimes a salad) to my lunch. I’m a lunch on the run kind of girl, so this helps me to eat more than just a turkey sandwich or reheated main dish from last night’s dinner.

If you’re making changes to your diet and exercise plan during this new year I invite you to be a tortoise. Slow and steady. I was looking back at my scale pictures and realized over a few weeks I went back and forth with the same five pounds, but I’ve beat that hurdle and am now in the 220s! Exciting!!! I suppose that’s another goal I’ve set for myself: to accept the slow and steady of 2012 and not give up when it gets hard.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Fail to plan = plan to fail.
    I love you so much. I know I’ve been posting for a while but I think I’m finally ready. Slow and steady…

  2. As long as you keep with it, the scale and your clothes will show it off for you. When I get discouraged about how slow the weight tends to come off, I often have to remind myself that it took some time to put it on. Stay strong and enjoy and celebraye EVERY success, you deserve it.

  3. You’re do amazing Anna Beth…I love this blog you guys are doing and all the goals and progress everyone is making, it’s sooo inspiring!!!

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