Happy New Year!

I fell so far off the diet wagon I almost hit the ground so hard it shattered every hope in my body. While I was doing it I kept thinking about a sign I had read at Target that said “Christmas Calories Don’t Count.”  However, looking back now, I still didn’t do as bad as I used to. I figure I’m improving and that’s all that matters. I filled my plates as full as vegetables as I thought was fair to the others who I was supposed to share the bowl with. I still tried to only take a little of what I thought looked delicious. Desserts can be so hit and miss with me it’s ridiculous.  Either I want to eat the whole plate or I can pass completely and Christmas is one of those times I can pass on most all desserts. The desserts I did partake of I feel like I did good at limiting myself to a few bites.

Anyway, Christmas is almost in the past (my family went out-of-town for Christmas so I still have some left to celebrate on Sunday). You can’t change the past so I’m going to try to stop living in it. The present is all I can do anything about.  It’s a new year, a new start, full of promising changes and comforting traditions. Do you make resolutions? I have a hard time making them because it’s almost expected that you wont be able to keep them all year. Goals. I seem to make them weekly if not monthly. They are almost always similar too. I obviously don’t enjoy cleaning, cooking, waking up early or working out because these are the areas I am always trying to make goals in. So this year I think I will try to find ways to make these things more fun or at least easier for me to do.

My suggestion to you at this time of year is to not dwell on the things you need to change about your life. You are AWESOME, how can you make your life more awesome?

I feel like at this time of year I can feel so down on myself and come up with twenty million things to change about the way I live my life.  For example: I don’t do a schedule so well. I have friends that are AWESOME at having scheduled playtime with their kids and cleaning days and the like.  But being flexible is something I like about me. I need to figure out some other way to make sure everything gets done before bedtime and I can accomplish just as much as my super awesome friends, Right?


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