Be nice to the skinny chick

When I left home a few days after my high school graduation my sister was 12. Six years can be a lifetime when we’re talking about the difference between being 12 and being 18, but even though I was away our relationship blossomed and we became friends, too. My baby sister came to live with me after her high school graduation so she could go to the college she wanted to, but I wasn’t doing her a favor. Nope, she was keeping me company while as a newlywed my husband had left with the Marine Corps for 6 months. Those months would have been unbearable without her. An added bonus was that she met and married her good husband because of our time together. Sixteen years, five kids born between us and a boob job later I still treasure that time. I’m sad she lives a couple of states away and we can’t play like we did back then.

Yeah, I said boob job. (I probably should have asked her permission first to write about this but we’re both pretty open books about our lives, so…) My sister is one of “those” chicks. You know what I’m talking about: blonde, cute (ok, she’s gorgeous), nice body, great hair, excellent sense of style, smiling… She’s the kind of chick that women who feel frumpy and fat see walking in the mall (or at the grocery store, in the park, down their street) and want to call names that rhyme with witch. As a matter of fact while my sister was here celebrating Chrismtas with us this week she made an off the cuff remark about how strangers where she lives can be really rude. I could sense her sadness even though she didn’t make a big deal.

My sister was raised in the same home as me and taught the same bad habits and learned many of the same unhealthy food attachments that I had. She just dealt with them better…and sooner than I did. She still struggles every day with some of the same things I do. She just didn’t let herself get obese like I did. In fact, recently she did this intense program that didn’t just focus on exercise but on rounding out all the areas of your life for the better. From the bits and pieces I was exposed to it sounded like a little life therapy bundled with the workouts. She is proactive in keeping herself healthy!

She knows stuff about fashion because she has studied and worked in fashion since before she graduated high school. She always looks good…even when she’s not trying to. I thank the heavens that my daughter has her to go to for advice on all things girly. I don’t have the best answers to those questions, but my sister….My sister has style. Grace and style. She is the most fun person to shop with. She is not snobby and doesn’t need to buy expensive brands to help you/her/anyone look good.

When my sister is smiling she isn’t faking anything. The only thing fake about her are her boobs…and frankly, I don’t blame her for getting them done. She looks good and more importantly, she feels good. She paid for them and made the sacrifices, why shouldn’t she?!

In many areas of my life I strive to be more like my blonde, gorgeous, fake boobed, skinny, smiling, little sister.

The next time you see one of “those” chicks instead of getting all judgey and being a witch yourself, find the thing you most like about them (or are jealous of – whatever) and ask them about it. You may be surprised about what you find inside that skinny little package. This one is doing the half marathon with me in May. (1-4-3, sis)

Wish us luck!


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  1. I love you guys! I’m so jealous, I wish a had a sister as close as you guys are .. I actually have 2 sisters but I can’t see them as friends. I’ll always be the “distant big sister that can’t relate to us at all”(I left home when they were 14 & 3 yrs old both are in Texas close to each other) But look at you, like two best friends! Can I adopt you both as my sisters? 🙂

    You are so totally right, it might sound wrong but I admire girls beauty and not only the physical one, skinny or not all girls have something to be admired for. So yeah be nice to the skinny chick!

    • Consider yourself adopted. The key is to call one (or both) of us when you are having a crappy day so we can remind you how awesome you are. Then do the same for us ❤

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