Looking Forward…

The last week of 2011. That seems so very strange to say, afterall so much has happened this year, it seems almost surreal that it is ending. HOWEVER, I am not sorry to see it go. 2012 will bring challenges, to be certain, and also amazing..wonderful..fantastic changes that I am more than ready for!!

So, I thought I would break down the highlights of 2011 with a “TOP 11 moments that made me go hmmm…” so here they are:

11. Moving across country from Virginia to Kansas

10. The love of my life leaving for a Deployment to Iraq

9. Getting LAP-BAND Surgery

8. My oldest starting HIGH SCHOOL, while another is starting KINDERGARTEN

7. My youngest getting rid of his binky, turning TWO and sleeping in a toddler bed. (made a Mom realize that I don’t have a “baby” any longer)

6. Watching my son put the bases on the field at a Royals game

5. My 1st experience with a Tornado siren going off, and heading to the basement.

4. The love of my life COMING HOME from deployment.

3. Reaching my 6th month post-op and having lost 90lbs!!!

2. Buying our 1st Home!!!!

1. Trying on a formal gown for my husbands Military Ball…and fitting into a size 14/16!!!

As I typed this list I realized just how much I really did this year, and a lot on my own. It really opened up my eyes to what I am truly capable of. No excuses, no whining. I CAN do this. The #1 item on my list happened last night when I went ball gown shopping with my husband. May of last year I was wearing a size 24/26 to his OCS formal. It was such an amazing feeling having the sales lady actually tell me the sizes I was trying were too big, and getting smaller dresses. WOW. I had to keep myself from crying. Looking at that girl in the mirror, I realized I was within 15lbs of where I was when I married my wonderful husband..16 years ago this Friday. That made me really feel like I had come a complete 360 from the start of this year. I am not “skinny”. I am not “obese”. I am in between and HEALTHY. I have given myself and my family the gift of years, together, because of the weight I have lost. 328 lbs is where I started 2011, and I am leaving it at 235lbs. 93lbs..GONE. Never coming back!!! As Walt Disney said..”we should Keep Moving Forward..” that is exactly what I intend to do. MOVE Forward. Afterall..there are LOTS of roads near my house I have yet to walk and explore. Happy New Years everyone. Dream big, and become those dreams!!!


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  1. You amaze me, Amy!!! So proud of you and how successful you’ve been! Excited for you and everything you’ve accomplished

  2. Why didn’t you post the wedding gown pic?! It’s completely awesome.

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