An end and a beginning

I’ve been running for so many days that it felt so good to just relax and do a lot of nothing today.  Unfortunately all the moving I did earlier wasn’t exercise in the traditional form…I also did too many of those hand to mouth workouts…

One more week, right?  One more week of festive gatherings, over abundance of yummy food, and abnormal schedules.  It’s all been a pleasure…tons of fun really with another fun week planned…potluck dinner with friends, my best friend and her family are coming for a couple days – I can’t wait – and a trip to the desert for New Years!  I’m sure to be faced with a lot more food challenges.  I can’t say I’ve done wonderful.  I have done better than I have in years past. I will be glad when its time to get back to a more normal pace again.  I think it’s fine to take a break but getting back to an exercise routine as well as school routine is much needed. The sooner, the better right? So, here’s to a brand new year!  A great time to make some adjustments to things I’ve done this year…a fresh start.  In looking back over the year, I recognize thatI lost 10 lbs from last year…now that’s not a lot, but in looking at history, I didn’t gain!  That is good news!

I also recognize that without a game plan things don’t change a lot…and I’d like a bit more of a change so it’s time to ramp things up, change priorities around a bit and make some healthy changes.  This week I will be putting together an action plan and will share with you all next week!

Happy last week of 2011!  Make it great!

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