Quick note to my daughter

I’m heading out the door to see a movie with my husband and I’m sure I’ll be too tired when I get home to write. And I’ve decided not to post my scale pictures/weight loss until 2012….gotta keep you guessing. Here’s the inner monologue I created earlier today:


I was waiting for you in the parking lot at the high school today and saw what must’ve been a PE class of girls jumping rope (for a while…like more than 3 minutes straight. bounce. bounce. bounce. My bladder hurt just watching). I had two simultaneous thoughts: 1 –  I wish I could jump rope so easily and 2 – I never would’ve been in a high school PE class that required me to be so active. In high school I was happy to be in the generic “intermurals” class where our football coach/PE teacher never made girls participate. Well, maybe not “never”, but he was pretty lax. I had friends in an aerobics class (it was the 80s, ok?!) who would try to talk me into switching into that class. I remember thinking they were nuts. Why would I want to sweat so much? Work so hard? I had it made in the shade!

It’s been a while (no comments from the peanut gallery) since those days, but now I know why my friends enjoyed that class. Exercise is good for you. While you are young (don’t roll your eyes at me, young lady) find exercises, activities, sports…active things that you enjoy. Find those things and integrate them into your life now. Don’t be like your mama (well, not in this way). Take advantage of the opportunities you have to learn new things that benefit you physically. Maybe I could have developed better habits. Maybe I wouldn’t be fighting this weight loss battle if I’d discovered that I enjoy exercise earlier. Do it for yourself…not just “because I said so”.

Don’t get fat, sweets. It sucks.

143 Mom

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  1. Hello AB I just wanted you to know you are such an inspiration. Giving up sugar is not by anymeans easy but one you do it and realise how much better you feel you wonder why you ever needed it in the first place. I too hate exercise but I wasn’t always that way just now that I am fat. Once I realized how much weight I had gained sence being marred, taking a new job etc. I know its time to jump on the band wagon. Maybe I need to jump on the band wagon with you and post my weight so I’m held accountable. But not yet I am still not ready to admit to the world how fat I really am. LOVE YOU AND GREAT JOB 🙂

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