No more excuses..

Before I get completely BUSTED by AB, I thought I better get my blog out early this week. LOL. “Crazy” does not even begin to describe all of the madness of my household at the moment, so I am taking a moment for me to catch you all up.

 A couple of blogs ago, I made myself a promise that by the time my in-laws arrived (last week) that I would be in the 230’s. I was weighing 241 and it was driving me insane. Eating has not been my friend. Visitors, while a welcome distraction, do not eat the same as someone like me. So I was worried when I hopped on the scale today. Did I totally blow my goal, or be too ashamed to admit my defeat and avoid weighing altogether??? I put on my big girl panties and approached the white witch scale. LOL. I literally got on and off FOUR TIMES to make sure what I was seeing was true… 237.0!! I succeeded, even with all the temptations and excuses for poor eating. I feel as though I am a superhero of the weight loss community.

 So now the next challenge lays ahead of me. We are moving. Ummm…this weekend. The stress and drama of it can sway eating to the dark side, and I am going to fight it with all the force I possess. I am not going to promise I will exercise more, because it has been insane packing and running up and down the three floors we are moving out of. BUT, I will not make an excuse to eat bad. It isn’t worth it. I feel better than I have in years, and I don’t want to lose sight of that. I am including a recent picture, taken at the Christmas Tree lighting on December 3rd. I actually LOVE it. And that is all the motivation a girl needs sometimes =)


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  1. Congrats on reaching your goal and good luck with the move, hope all goes smoothly!

  2. That is the beautiful Aim I know and love! You are looking so good….and quickly catching up (or down???) to me. You make me want to work harder!

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