Wise, or a fool?

I missed last week, momentary lapse of brain activity is what I am blaming this on.  My road the past few weeks has been quite crazy.  I have only exercised twice a week, and slipped a little on my water intake.  In the end, what a miracle, I still lost.  In fact, I past the 20 pound marker.  

With my success, without much work, I found myself thinking “hhmmm, maybe I can do this without working so hard”.  My response to my thoughts came loud and aggressive “NOT!!!”  Can you believe it?  I can be so foolish!  My husband and I have been talking lately about the difference between a wise man and a fool…. Well a wise man learns from his mistakes, a fool just keeps making the same mistakes over and over.  I have been such a fool!!  I can see where I have failed in the past and not learned from it, and don’t plan to continue to be foolish….So for now, I will be wise.  I have gotten back on track and realize that I was just “dumb lucky” that the scale showed less and not more.  

This next few weeks will be a bit challenging.  Christmas for our family is parties with real food.  Not just desserts, I can handle those, it is the planned meals of tamales, chili, cheese and Mexican buffet.   Oh how I just love Mexican food!!  So I will have to make a decision… Do I eat without reserve and exercise like crazy, or do I exercise normal and control my eating?  I haven’t decided yet, but I will.  The fact that I am thinking about this in advance, and working out a plan is a step in the right direction.  

I love Christmas, and I love the entire season.  I look forward to spending time with those I love so very much, and I truly believe I can make it through the season and come out on the other end with “less of me”.  


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