Forget the Christmas countdown…

I’ve got 7 days until I go back to the doctor for my 3 month check-up since being on medication for diabetes. My goal has been to show him I’m serious with the weight I lose and to minimize the amount of sugar and carbs I intake to help with my blood glucose level. Well this week I am down another pound or so…

Which is awesome! So this week I’ve got to put a good effort into my weight loss efforts before my first self-imposed deadline. Wouldn’t it be great if I could go to the appointment and be 220 something?! (So stay away from me with your tempting holiday dishes)

I realized today that it is December. Ok, well, I realized that yesterday, but the implication of it being December didn’t hit me until I was shopping with my dad and he wanted chocolate. My commitment to not eat candy is O.V.E.R. I went almost a full two months without having any candy. Two months that were surrounded by holidays where we stuff our faces with junk!!! Go ahead and applaud. No, really. Do it! Ok, fine…if you are afraid of what other people might think when you randomly start clapping while sitting alone in front of your computer then I am letting you off the hook. But for all of my “Who cares what the world thinks” friends….I curtsey in gratitude.

When I texted Rae in excitement she politely congratulated me (hey, clap for Rae too while you’re at it. this was her hair-brained idea!) and then reminded me not to go “hog wild”. I love her. Here’s the crazy thing. I didn’t. My hubs reminded me of the stash of peanut M&Ms from the after Halloween sale (I have no idea where they are and threatened to kick Har out of my bed if he kept eating them in front of me), and when we got home he slipped away for a bag and handed it to me. But I was so full from eating half of my dinner at Claimjumper (I forgot how big their portions are!) that I had no desire to really eat them. I put them up and in the back of my mind kept thinking, “I need to eat a few M&Ms today just because I can!”

It’s getting late now. We put our boys to bed and sent my dad home (he came up to take my hubs and I to an early birthday dinner…hubs turns 38 on Monday) and I was debating opening that bag of candy before I settled in. Then the thought came to me, “They will still be there tomorrow.” How brilliant! I was almost going to force myself to eat candy just because it was there and I can. But isn’t the point of having a handful of M&Ms to enjoy them?! I wasn’t going to enjoy them if I ate them tonight I was just going to be checking something off my list. “Ate candy – check!” I am so grateful for that epiphany!

So maybe tomorrow I’ll enjoy a couple of M&Ms…maybe I won’t. After all I have a big date with a scale in the doctor’s office next friday…SEVEN DAYS!

Wish me luck!


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  1. Love this. I remember one of my girlfriends told me when she went a whole year without eating candy. She told me, that snickers bar will still be there tomorrow, a month from now, even a year from now. I can always have one later. If there was something homemade that someone made that she might not have again she would eat a little but otherwise, there are always going to be occasions to have cookies, candy, brownies. Can’t we put it off just this time. Is it really worth it to eat it now? I always think about that when I am on my sugar free kicks. 🙂

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