A friend of mine used to tell me that I hibernated.  When life tended to get overwhelming, I would simply spend all of my spare time at home, no answering the door, no answering the phone, I would occasionally respond to email, but beyond that, I just hung out alone.  I never saw a problem with it, I didn’t even realize that I did it.  

Unfortunately, I am not a bear!!  During the months of hibernation I didn’t fall into a deep sleep and lose tons of weight.  I continued to eat and drink and to tell the truth, I find comfort in food.  

I would love to say that life does not currently have stress and I have no desire to hibernate, but I would be lying.  WAY LYING!!  So, how to deal with the tensions of life differently?  Now, I am seeing this behavior in myself, and wonder why I choose isolation.  I have been so blessed with friends and family that I trust with my darkest fears, sadness, and stress, so shutting them out does not seem to be the right choice.  

I found myself thinking about this often lately as life has thrown me a few curve balls and I have been doing a touch of hibernating.  It does help having active children, they make it mandatory for me to leave the house, but I find myself “faking it” through a huge part of the day.  I do realize that life is always going to offer tough times, but I am going to work on a different way to handle it.  

Managing to get through 2 of the big 3 “food” holidays and not gaining any additional poundage has been inspiring; I hope to make it though the Christmas season and still come out on the other end just a little lighter…Honestly Jenn!!  I hope to come out on the other end and be a LOT lighter.


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  1. Awesome! Not gained any weight over the two holidays is more than I’ve managed! Congratulations! Super awesome!

    I’m glad you are working on reasons to come out of your “cave”. There’s a lot to offer out there!

  2. Oh, my gosh…I do the SAME thing. I call it ‘cocooning’. I stay in my cocoon until I find a solution. I’m working at loving my friends, my family, and my Church family by keeping in contact so they don’t feel like they’ve done something wrong!

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