I need to practice my 3D’s much more.

Delay – waiting 10 minutes or so after a craving hits can sometimes be all it takes to help you “win”

Distract – I use this all the time on my kids…finding something else (non-food related) to take my attention from the wants I am feeling at the moment.  Especially when the distraction takes a decent amount of time (combining delay and distract)

Distance – Keeping the food out of sight is best, but if you can’t, make sure you’re not standing right over it, or beside someone eating it…or you’re sure to fixate on it and eventually give in.

I will be practicing my 3D’s this week to help me overcome my late night snacking issue I’ve got.  I know they are helpful at night when I remember to use them so I’ve got them on my computer.

I am up a couple of pounds from Thanksgiving and a desert trip…always tough to eat well at either of these.  I have been much more active lately which helped keep that number down.  The Turkey Trot was a great start to the day.  I also credit that from keeping me from eating too too too much.  But even keeping an eye on portion size, the foods that were at the table were all loaded with fat, etc which makes them taste SO good, but makes them not so great for a sensible meal…then there are the leftovers!  Black Friday shopping was a decent day of moving, and the weekend was full of fun on our new quad.  I am seriously feeling my muscles…now I just need to keep my moving grooving.  So, how was your Thanksgiving?  What are your plans to make it through the rest of the holidays?


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  1. I think I need to print these out to remind me. The last week has gotten harder. I feel like I’m looking for snacks all the stinking time! I need to find some healthier activities to distract myself with.

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