Blue Friday

I was enjoying spending time with my kids and husband so much that I forgot to post yesterday! I did not forget to weigh in though. That wasn’t good news, but I’m not posting it. I’m calling it my bye week. Weighing in the day after Thanksgiving even when I added a workout to my week was a depressing idea.

In other bad news Aim’s husband was playing two hand touch football on Thanksgiving day and wound up in the hospital with a cracked rib and collapsed lung instead of at their dinner table…after waiting for him to come home from Iraq! He’s expected to go home soon, but we would all appreciate prayers, happy thoughts and good wishes on their behalf.

Aim didn’t get to go Black Friday shopping. That doubles the sadness of her weekend! Me? I dabbled in some shopping yesterday, but did not do my normal up at the crack of dawn shopping. Got one Christmas present. I’m learning to love Internet shopping lately. How about you? What was the highlight of your holiday weekend so far?

This week…I have to crack down on my bad habits. I have been getting exercise in and plan to add 2 jog/walk sessions each week in addition. What I have not been doing is paying attention to my calorie input. I DETEST counting calories, and it seems to push through this set point some drastic measures must be taken. My eating schedule has been horrible. I barely get a piece of toast in the morning then I’m hungry at school all day and maybe snack on a bag of chips. Then come home and eat way too much at night and before bed. Not healthy! I’m working on getting a good breakfast, packing my lunch and exercising restraint in the evening time this week. If that doesn’t work (ie – I don’t lose weight this week) then I may have to do the thing I have been dreading in this effort to lose weight and spend some time counting calories. {insert self pitying whimper}

Wish me luck!


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  1. oh man, I weighed the day after Thanksgiving also…not so smart! Also, you mentioned you grab toast for breakfast, so I thought I would share with you something I learned at work… When you start your day out by eating a carb you are more likely to TRIPLE your calorie intake that day! Grab a hard boiled egg or string cheese (or both!) it’ll help you stay fuller longer, too! Good luck this week!

  2. Good for you for weighing in. That is a big “yucka” the day after thanksgiving, but….. now you have something to measure this weeks success by. 🙂 You go girl. So sorry about ur friends hurt hubby. Unfun!

  3. Black Friday was a little different for us this year too…we got up at 9 and decided to get out with the crazies. It’s fun with a group and I found it to be decent exercise too. The best was spending time with mom and dad while we giggled and laughed our way through the stores finding some of the minor items we decided we wanted to buy. No fabulous deals unless you decided to skip Thanksgiving with the family altogether to wait in line for the 23 X-Box packages…not me, although I hope to find a decent deal on one….so if anyone sees one, send me a note. The scale was not nice to me either 😦 My friend is sold on oatmeal. It keeps her happy until lunch time…another idea…
    Aims is my SIL so I thought I’d update you on my bro. He is home and is healing, living from one pain pill to the next, but happy to be home with his family.

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