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Have you ever had that feeling that you are going in the right direction, and you feel like tempting fate and pushing your luck? That was exactly how I felt when I took the plunge and registered my ENTIRE family for Fort Riley’s “Turkey Two-Miler” Afterall, I was accomplishing the high endurance cardio work-out right, I was all over this!! Ummm…wow. I didn’t realize that the creators of his event were a bit sadistic, and liked to inflict pain in the form of hills that make your thighs scream for mercy!! LOL. However, I had such a sense of pride as I watched every single member of my family complete the two miles…even my two-year old little guy ran the last 1/4 mile!! I realized that leading by example will just increase not only my health, but that of my family as well. A year ago, there was no way I was even thinking of doing that. I didn’t exactly break any land/speed records, and my sweet husband stayed my pace (even though he could have run circles around me.LOL)..yet, it felt good to reach the end and feel like I had made a GIANT step towards a new beginning.

The last few weeks I have struggled with adapting to my husband being home (have I told you the man is 6′ and 175 lbs soaking wet) and his ability to eat anything. He also has been in food deprivation for the last 8 he has been splurging, A LOT. The result for me, at first was going to 247, and holding strong. Last week I dropped to 245, and felt better…not great, better. Now I weighed today (just for my sanity) and the scale was a pleasant surprise..242!! I am excited to be back on track, and even one pound less than when he came home. Now I just need to curb the night munchies…ugh.

In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving Eve… I am grateful for new starts. To be able to actually run with my family for the first time in years. Felt great, and I want to feed (bad choice of words) UTILIZE, that break through and have a new goal. My in-laws are coming to visit in two weeks. I want to be feeling the love of the 230’s when I pick them up at the airport. It is achievable, I just need to let my stomach control the amount I eat..and not let my eyes try to be bigger than what I can/should consume.

This year we are so happy to be able to have my family all in one place. To have a table that is complete, with my amazing husband. I feel truly blessed for the bounty I have received already!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving =)

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  1. Congratulations on the turkey trot. I totally should have looked one up to do. Sounds like torturous fun.

  2. So proud of you, sis wu! One thing that helps me curb my night time munchies is having a snack (protein shake, string cheese, spoon full of pb) and then brushing my teeth. That way I don’t want to eat again because I’ll dirty my teeth and food and tooth paste aren’t yummy together! Love you!! Have a great turkey day!!

    • LOVE that idea sis-wu!! Thats awesome. I “should” be just having a shake..but the munchies get the better of me sometimes. LOL.

  3. Enlist Al in helping you with your weaknesses. For example, Harland may not eat M&Ms in my presence. He must go away and hide. Plus, he reads the blog (when I remind him) and knows my goals. He wants you to succeed you just have to tell him how to help you do that! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Yep Fort Riley has some hills! 🙂 Blessings …

  5. Congrats on the run. Thx for sharing. Keep up the good work. You motivate me. 🙂

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