Finding the light..

After attempting to post this last night, and having it deleted (twice), I am here on the morning after to spill the beans. LoL.

Lately, I have been trying to push through the rut my numbers have been showing me. If I have to be honest, “pushing” is maybe an exageration..maybe a slight “nudge” every now and again. My workouts, when I do them have been few and far between..and I am exercising EXTREME willpower where food is concerned (and not always winning). However, I did discover something I wanted to share. It has been really cold here is the middle of dorothy-ville where we are currently residing, and I have been unable to do my walks. So, I thought I would put on my “Biggest Loser” DVD and speak to Bob (we have been very silent lately, and I only have myself to blame). I am not sure what possessed me to do it, but looking at the workout options, I selected “High Impact Cardio Workout” and started my stretch. Wow! I did not know what a butt-kicking I was in for. Lots of one-minute “sprints” of all out-give-it-all-you-got-before-you-die kind of punishment. is the great part, I MADE IT THROUGH. I am talking the ENTIRE work-out. It is amazing when you shed some weight, okay A LOT of weight, just how much more you actually are able to do. I am not in shape (yet), but I am in BETTER shape than I have been in years. And that workout let me know I was on the right path. I can do this..and so can you!

It really is not all numbers, to be honest, I am not weighing in this week. I don’t want to set myself up for a number that I don’t want to see. When I visited my surgeon last week, and had a fill, I was disappointed when they weighed me in. I wanted more loss. More results. Better outcomes in a quicker time frame. He knocked me off my weight loss high horse pretty quick and explained that it was a slower process, and to look at what I had already achieved. He showed me a number that made me a whole lot more humble. As of that day, I had loss 35% of my excess weight since I first met him. That is AMAZING. I just have to look at it his way, and stop emptying my glass all the time. LOL. I am finding my skinny-me…she just needs a bit more time. So that is what I am going to do. Try not to focus on the numbers, pounds and immediate results of the week. Instead I am going to take it day-to-day and focus on what I can do to improve my routine. This week I will talk to Bob at least 3 times, and stay away from the carb-monsters that haunt my appetite. I will park in the farthest parking spot (unless it is snowing..lets be honest here. LOL) when I shop. I am also planning Thanksgiving Dinner, and researching recipes to make it healthier..starting with LOTS of sodium free products =) and scaling down the amount of food on our table. Leftovers are awesome, but not if they sabotage my weight loss. I am in this for the long haul…and I need to find foods that will go the distance with me =)

                          Be kind to your body, and smile more…thats my advice and I am sticking to it!


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  1. Wow! Aims! Those are great goals and a great accomplishment. I love that you “talk to Bob”. Makes me smile every time I read it. Keep working hard…because if I am then you have to ❤

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