i might be crazy

I don’t feel like writing. Getting dressed for church today I felt fat in everything. Ok, so the skirt I wore was actually barely staying on. Still felt fat. Why does feeling fat make me want to eat my weight in chocolate?

I weighed myself on Friday…

This claims I’ve lost more than 12 lbs. total. I think it was kind of cheating since I had a stomach virus. And 12 lbs doesn’t feel like a whole lot. I know. I know. It is. It’s a big deal. 12 big deals. But I feel more like: big woop.

What? Oh, I’m sorry. Your distracted by what’s on my feet? They’re shoes. No, not water shoes….although, I’m pretty sure they’d be fine in water. They’re Vibram Five Finger shoes. My husband heard about them from a colleage and so we did a little research and decided they might be good for me because of some of the foot problems I’ve had. It’s almost like working out/walking/jogging barefoot except with grip & protection on the bottom of your feet. No padding. I love them. LOVE THEM. I’d been working out barefooted and not doing much walking/jogging, but I like both much better with these.

I don’t like running. I barely can make myself jog. Why get a pair of shoes that is meant to help one run more naturally if I don’t like running? Cuz I’m fat. Need to lose (more) weight. Doing lots of stuff I don’t really like. Hoping to start liking it more. You know it’s funny after a month (or so) of not eating candy that sweet stuff is almost too sweet. I’ve also noticed that my tendency is to reach for candy when I want a quick snack…or I’m bored….or tired. I’m hoping this period of abstinence helps me to retrain my way of thinking and keep avoiding candy. Sorry. Sidetracked. This is how my brain works.

So, I’ve got the fancy shoes, and I hate to run. So why not sign up for a half marathon. Well, at least that was the plan. Hiccup in my plan is that the race I wanted to run (same one my friend who just lost her husband is planning to do the full marathon) well, it sold out in an hour. Had the half marathon in my cart, walked away to help a kid get ready for school, came back, hit submit…SOLD OUT.

Maybe I should take it as a sign.

My sister doesn’t think so. She was going to do the half with me. Do you know how long a half marathon is? 13.1 miles. Crazy, right? Run that all at once. Well, crazy runs in my family. My sister is gung ho. We’re finding a half to do next Spring (Summer would be too hot – and let’s not add something else I don’t like into the mix or I might lose my motivation). So we are looking for a Saturday half marathon in May or June that isn’t too far away (although, I did see one in Ireland I liked)!

Wish me luck.


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  1. OK crazy friend…what do you say to the Carlsbad half? I’d be willing to do that one with you… I’m going to do the Turkey Trot this month, find another 5K early in the year and do a 10K mid 2012 and be ready for the half in Jan 2013…too far out for you?
    Here’s a list of all the 1/2 marathons in California…I notice there is one in Santa Clarita in November…
    I can’t imagine something between my toes like that! It makes my feet squirm now…

  2. I might take that challenge myself. Ease into it a bit slower than this years Carlsbad 1/2. Let’s look into it! AnnaBeth, you arendoing great! Keep it up! 12 pounds, woohoo!

  3. First of all, I love your shoes! I’ve been wanting something like that for my runs but I’m scared because you have to readjust your running techniques. Anyway I think its awesome that you are looking for a half marathon. It’s not that bad, a friend of mine talked me into running one and she walked the whole time(very slow) and she made it in 4 hours. You should join me in the Hollywood half marathon on Sat April 7th, 2012. Save $10 if you use this code in registration: VIPRUN.
    12lbs, awesome! way to go! I’ll tell Chris so he’ll get motivated. He wants to loose weight but doesn’t do anything about it.
    Here is the link for the half marathon:

  4. Looked up the Carlasbad Half. This year is already sold out. Need to sign up early. Half has a 4.5 hour time limit, 20:36 min mile pace. Do able by next year! Not sure in the 10Ks.

  5. I have been very curious about those shoes, but having something between my toes wigs me out as well. I hate to run, and really I don’t think I can call what I do “running.” Not in the traditional sense anyways. I am not fast, so it is more like jogging compared to Miss Triathlete on the treadmill next to me. I started with a great program that tells you to not “run” any faster than you walk. You get on the treadmill and say you walk 3.5/hr, when the interval comes to run, you do not adjust the speed. Just start moving faster. As the program progresses you increase the time in the intervals for running and as it goes you find yourself increasing the speed naturally. I picked it for that reason. “Don’t run any faster than I can walk! I can do that!” I had a whole plan to run our Turkey Trot 5k, but the doctor threw a wrench into that. As I have increased the time and speed, so has the pain in a knee. Turns out I have torn a miniscus (sp?) and was told not to run on pavement. The 5k isn’t exactly on dirt. Anywhoo, back to you. Find a routine. I have friends that like the Couch to 5k/10k. I really like the one I found especially if you hate to run. It is important to find one you will stick with though. You can do it!! 12 pounds is a big deal!! Way to go!

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