Random Weightloss and a Kid and Weight Friendly Cookie Recipe

I feel like I lose weight randomly and without reason. I have lost another two pounds. I am now 243. Did I do anything terribly different from last week when there was the slightest negative movement? Nope not really. I was sick this week and wanted to eat everything I saw. Oh man did chocolate sound good on my throat. I ate my points, went over my points rarely and had horrible dinners like chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries and pigs in a blanket (although I did use fat free hotdogs so I was kind of good) and for vegetables I had a lot of v8 fusion. Didn’t exercise  because when I barely moved because my head would swim. I guess the moral of my story is just stick with it. Make the healthy changes that you can. Get eight hours of sleep. Eat less calories. Include six serving of fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Drink your eight glasses of water. Balance your carbs and proteins. Exercise 30 minutes a day.  Make sure you get enough healthy fat so that your body doesn’t go into starvation mode and store everything you eat.  At least those are the steps to living weight watchers correctly. Luckily the calories, carbs and protein are included in the points system to make it easy for you.


This week I did make some yummy cookies with my daughter when she was starting to feel better and I had kept the tv on for her all day. I felt bad so I rallied and did something fun with her. This recipe was awesomely yummy and so easy my two year old could be involved in lots of it.

Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies

1 Can Pumpkin 15 oz

1 Chocolate cake mix (do not add the water oil and egg. it’s just the powder)

combine in bowl and spoon onto greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes.

Yeilds about 27 ish cookies. One cookie has 88 calories: 3 g of fat: 15 g of carbs: 1 g of dietary fiber: 8 g of sugar: 1 g of protein

1 cookie is three points and 2 cookies is 5 points! Yay!

We enjoyed them I hope you do too!

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  1. Interesting recipe. I may try it. Glad you are still plugging along. All the small changes will make a difference!

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