A topsy turvy week and my eating goes to pot!  No excuses except that I didn’t plan and didn’t prepare and really didn’t care.  I stand here 2 lbs heavier.  I yo-yo these pounds over and over again.  I am thankful that I have this blog to confess to so I regroup.  I know I said I was going to before, but obviously I’m on a decline right now.  I am in a funk! I even made a cake – what was I thinking?!  And even had a couple of bites after I weighed in…now what kind of thinking is that? The kind that will throw me into a complete tailspin. I am overwhelmed!  I need to step back and take things from the beginning again…again.  

I am back into my still-tight but at least I can button them pants.  I am an emotion eater it seems.  So what can I do when things get me down, set me back, upset me to the core? Well, being Christian, I have to acknowledge the He is the way…but practically, what does that mean?  I haven’t included my diet in my prayers…I wonder why I decide this is an area I don’t need Him.  Why would I think I could handle it all on my own when it’s obvious time and time again I cannot.  So in starting over, I will start with a daily prayer to help me in this area.  To get to know me even better; that God would reveal to me the way to a healthier me.  I think it’s an area I would rather just brush over but I think deep reflection is the only answer, since this circular trip I am taking isn’t the path I want to stay on.  

I am heading to the treadmill to do a little walking (still congested so no running).  If I do no other exercise I will get at minimum 30 minutes on the treadmill (or other location) every day .  I have an extremely busy week, so even 30 min is going to be hard to get in.  I know I should do more, but this is what I’m holding myself to.  

I will have a shake every morning…so no special pumpkin french toast because I found it on pinterest and really want to try it.  (yes I did last week).  I will include fruits and veggies as my snacks every day. I will have a sensible meal for dinner – this might be harder than working out every day because, like I said before, it’s going to be a crazy week.  I am looking for crockpot recipes to fill in my week planner so I will have no need to hit fast food (which I also did many times last week).  

I will get going on the projects that are overwhelming me to the point of doing nothing.  I will step back with them and make out a plan of action and take it day by day. 

This is my plan for this week.  Next week I hope to take it to the next level.  

I have one area that I did succeed in…no candy!  I have been tempted but I have said no!  I think that’s kept my gain to only 2 lbs.  So I sit at 173.  I would sure love to see the 170’s disappear for good.  May God help me through it!


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  1. No candy has saved me the last few weeks, too! You are hitting the nail on the head about asking God for help. I haven’t really done that either. You are constantly inspiring me to be better! No wonder I call you my BFF 🙂

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