I can go the distance…


The night he left for Iraq!

When my husband deployed over 7 months ago, I was broken. I was facing not only the highest weight I had ever been, but also the prospect of being a single mom to 4 kiddos for a very long time. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and my husband and I found a theme song. “Go the distance” is from the Disney movie “Hercules” and it talks about going through obstacles to find where you truly belong. My very favorite line is, “..I’ll be there someday if I can be strong, I know every mile will be worth my while, to find where I belong!” I faced things I never thought I would. I endured my lapband surgery alone, without my best friend to hold my hand…but I overcame it. I weathered storms, and fixed catastrophes that came our way. Throughout it all we skyped, and wrote letters. He is my best friend, hero and love of my life. I could not image anyone else better suited to be with forever…good or bad, rain or shine. To Iraq and back!

Fast forward to last Wednesday. I had a very good excuse for not blogging. I got a call that my Soldier was coming home!
After a 10 hour delay, we headed to the reception site. I was nervous. Would he see the changes I had made? Would he notice? Did this shirt make me look fat? LOL. I felt like a teenager….butterflies in my stomach and all. Then came the sound of combat boots and a room filled with camouflage as they ran in and lined up in front of all of us! I found him, and when our eyes met…he kept mouthing the words, “Holy Crap!” GREAT!!! What did I do wrong???  Man, I really was nervous! I should have realized that the words he was mouthing, had a lot to do with the shock on his face. A friend there taking pictures later said, “He couldn’t take his eyes off of you!”
 It felt so amazing hearing the Colonel say the words, “Go get ’em!”. As soon as they were released, we stayed put and anxiously awaited our turn to greet our Soldier! ( do the math. I was not going to navigate 4 kiddos through a room full of reuniting families as well as a single Soldier could get to us!). Then he was there. Time seriously stopped. He grabbed me into a monster hug and whispered, “Who are you?” into my ear!! Everytime someone asked him how I looked, he would respond…”Skype did her no justice”. Wow. He gets elevendy-billion brownie points right there!!!! He was home and all mine.
Now,  the numbers: the day he left, 328lbs. The day he returned: 245lbs. 83lbs is a pretty awesome distance to go, to find where I belong!! I am still going..and liking how the paths I take are pointing in the direction of an all new me.

“Who are you?”I found where I belong”

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  1. Ok, I’m sitting here crying. I love you. I’m so happy your family is back together! You look amazing, Amy! So proud of you!

  2. Amy,

    You are so beautiful, inside and out. your words brought tears to my eyes. I am so very happy for you.

  3. LOVE IT AMY! You are absolutely fantastic!

  4. Me too Autumn, I’m sitting here with tears running down my face like an idiot because I know how great losing that much weight feels and can only imagine how much more intense the emotional roller coaster would be without your partner there with you to share it. So happy you’re back together and so happy for you and your accomplishments!! Love you Underwear!! 🙂

  5. Tears are flowing. Such a great true life story you are writing. I’m so interested in the next chapter! Love you two!

  6. And you get elevnedy billion points for your hard work! Now go get in some more of those kind of workouts you can only get in when your husband is home (hubba, hubba)

  7. Thanks for sharing this…what a neat reunion!

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