My Love Affair

I had an amazing getaway this weekend. On the way home, I had the opportunity to talk to my sisters, who can be brutally honest with me. We touched a bit on how “true confessions” can sometime hurt, even when our intentions are to make things better. I love them, I love their honesty, and I love that I can trust them.

This here, is just another “true confession” although, I don’t expect it will hurt anyone. Tomorrow is my 15th anniversary; I am married to the most amazing man alive; He has stood by me literally through thick and thin (pun totally intended!). I do not know if he realizes that for all these years I have been having a love affair. Well, don’t get all worked up…this love affair is not with another person, it is with food. Yep….FOOD!! I love it. I love the the way it looks, I love the way it tastes, I love the way it smells, and I especially love the way it makes me feel!!

I can go through the list of common feelings, and tell you how food has comforted and fulfilled me, but I believe many of us have this same challenge. I have a tendency to turn to my other love when I am angry, sad, lonely, even bored. Yes, I also love food when I am happy, but for some crazy reason when I am happy I tend to make more rational and good decisions. Unfortunately, I have passed on this love of food to my children and now have to help them to overcome the sensations that food gives during those times turmoil.

So, this is no revelation to me, I have known about this love affair for a very long time and like any affair, I am completely ashamed of my shortfall. I would love to comfort you all and tell you I intend on ending this affair completely, but that is not my intention at all. Why and how would I go through life sitting at a table with a lovely meal in front of me and not just savor the joy of all of it? That would be way to much to ask of myself, but I will, on the other hand, focus a bit more on not allowing my love affair with food to control my various levels of comfort. I will just have to work on finding a better way to control my feelings.

Until next week….

Oh, by the way. The 45 minutes a day of exercise seems to be working out much better. I am actually beginning to enjoy the time I have to exercise…..Go Figure!!


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  1. Awesome news about the 45 minutes of exercise! I always feel better afterward…it’s just the getting started part that is difficult.

    That love affair with food is not uncommon. Recognizing it is a great first step! My mother this morning told me she was so stressed that she was eating cookies for breakfast. I said outloud without even thinking about it something like: those cookies aren’t going to make you any less stressed. I’m totally counting that as progress in my battle. Don’t you think?

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