I wrote this Saturday but couldn’t get it to post. I’m posting now cuz Rae asked me to…

I’ve not been losing weight. I wont talk about it much. There isn’t mush to say. I’ve been tracking my points. I didn’t exercise as much as I should have but still more than I used to. The scale just doesn’t move. I’ve almost been on weight watchers for two months! I’ve only lost five pounds. I’m just trying to breathe, stay motivated and somehow not go too overboard with candy this week…Although a funsize most things is only 2 points thus far.

I saw that Ab was struggling with fast dinners. I have a hard time with wanting to just go out to eat because it is so much faster than trying to make something. Tacos used to be my go to meal for when I didn’t have much time because it doesn’t take too long to brown meat, add seasoning and chop tomatoes. They aren’t really that healthy though. So now my answer to the fast meal situation is my slow cooker. I usually have a lot more time in the morning. My daughter doesn’t seem as needy as she does when the five o’clock hour hits. So, next week I am going to throw a bunch of chicken in the slow cooker with chicken broth and water and let it cook and dice it up. Then when I need a quick meal I can put together chicken fajitas, chicken quesidillas, Hawaiian haystacks, or chicken teriyaki easy. I also love this chilli recipe. It makes plenty for us for leftovers so I will throw this  on salad for taco salad.  MMM… Chili

Chili (5 Points+)

Combine in crockpot and cook for six hours on low and four hours on high.

30 oz canned diced tomatoes
30 oz canned pinto beans
30 oz canned black beans
1 large raw onion
1 large green pepper(s)
1 tsp ground cumin
2/3 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
15 oz canned tomatoes with green chilis

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  1. 5 pounds is a great start! I’m excited that you’ve made that much progress, but you are right it seems like the scale should be moving more. Reassess? Weight Watchers is not the program for everyone. Or maybe there is some change you need to make in your program? Have you measured to see the inches you are losing?

    Thanks for the chili recipe. Sounds delicious.

  2. It snowed all night so it is a “Chili” day in the cock pot.

    Thank you for your honesty. I am where you are. The scale is neither of our friends right now. Do not give up though! Easier said then done I know, but we must keep going or we will never reach the goal. At the very least you are getting healthy! Stick to your plan, set goals and if you have to focus on little wins. Working out one day more than last week, those 5 lbs is no small feat and you are 5 lbs lighter than you were! Not going over your points, being less out of breath climbing a flight of stairs, anything that is different/better than before!

    Thank you for the meal idea it is perfect for today!

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