Same struggle….different size.

I have always lived among skinny people, after all, at one time,  I was one of them.  Yes, it was a very, very long time ago, but it is true, after all, I didn’t get fat overnight.   I have a distinct memory of the first shopping trip I made and had to buy a pair of shorts in a size 13, oh,  how I was devastated!!  So much so, that I remember exactly what the outfit was.  Little did I know then, that some day my goal would be a size 13.

I was incredibly encouraged this week with two friends confiding that they both reached a weight loss goal.  It surprised me that one of them was hesitant to share because she did not necessarily feel her challenge was “so great” as she does not have much extra weight being carried on her bones.

What I realize now, is every person struggles with the same issue and it doesn’t matter what the starting number on the scale is.  When we struggle to snap a pair of pants that had fit nicely the season before, or see a picture of what we “really” look like and are disappointed, the feelings are the same… disappointment, anger, disgust!

The way I see it, is that I have 2 choices.  I can choose to make a change, or I can choose to continue down the road I have been following for so many years.  I have chosen to make a change.  For me, I must admit, a loss of 4 ounces this week….well not very encouraging, and I was quite committed this week with my goal of 30 minutes exercise each day, even though I missed 2 of them, I believe it is a good start. In the past, I would have gotten angry, and convinced myself that it was not making a difference so . . . why continue.  Well, that is the old me, the new me is going to up my exercise to 45 minutes a day and see how that goes.

On a final note for the week….I love you, my friends and I rejoice in your success!!  Please do not stop sharing, remember it does not matter what your starting number is, the struggle and successes are the same and it is a joy to celebrate each accomplishment.  I do pray that soon, we will be rejoicing in our new lifestyles together!!


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  1. I’m thinking that you’ve exercised more days this week than you have in a while? Good for you. Nice new goal. I’m with you. I can’t get rid of this congestion so I’ve been walking 30 min…no running. Maybe I’ll up it with you.

  2. I LOVE that in the face of disappointment you are upping your goal! Inspiring! Thank you!!!

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