I’ll admit that I was naughty this week in that I didn’t track every single day every single thing I ate. A weight watchers no no. However, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t eat more than my points allowance for a day. I am that familiar with the program. And even if I wasn’t sure how many points I was eating I was cutting my portions down quite considerably from what I would have eaten before I started weight watchers, so I consider it a success.

This week was hard craving wise. I can’t handle open bowls of candy right in front of me. We went over to my in-laws and made gingerbread haunted houses. Oh my torture! Especially after cream and cheese soups and rolls. (I may need to figure out what to do about eating there. I don’t want to blow all my weekly points by eating Sunday dinner there. Any recommendations would be nice.)  I ate a few sixlets and luckily candy corn offers no temptation to me at all.  Those were the closest bowls to me. I said no to the ice cream and had one pumpkin cookie. I was proud of myself.  But ever since then I’m like craving little candys. Did you know half a bag of peanut butter M&M’s is only 3 points? I find more and more three points used for candy, when they should be used for dressing and croutons on a salad. I heard once that your body craves what it needs. There is no nutritional benefit from candy. So why am I craving them?

I don’t know if any of you use Pinterest, but I am hooked being the crafty DIY girl that I am. (Have I mentioned monday is my two-year olds birthday and I’m making everything including party hats with mickey mouse ears, cupcake wrappers, and decorations to name a few?).  Back to my point. I was on pinterest the other day when I saw someone post this awesome chart about what you are craving, what it means your body is lacking, and a healthy alternative to eat.  I thought it was awesome so I’m posting it here. . 

It  originates here.  So according to this chart, I need to find some nuts, legumes or fruits. Awesome, because fruits are 0 points on weight watchers.  What do you crave? What can you try to replace it with?


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  1. What your body really needs in an important discovery, and yet sometimes you crave things out of habit or (dare I say) addiction. There is absolutely nothing a body needs in street drugs and yet addicts crave it. After my self indulgent weekend (where I found anything but candy to eat) I’m finding that sugar gives me headaches.

    Just something to think about.

  2. I want to share something from my nutrition class. It relates to this:
    According to Dr. David Kessler, former dean of Yale’s medical school and FDA commissioner from 1990-1997 these “highly palatable foods” – those continuing fat, sugar and salt – stimulate the brain to release dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with the pleasure center. In time, the brain gets wired so that dopamine pathways light up at the mere suggestion of the food, such as driving past a fast food restaurant, and the urge to eat the food increases Once the food is eaten, the brain releases opiods, which bring emotional relief. Together, dopamine and opiods create a pathway that can activate every time a person is reminded about that particular food. This hop pens regardless of whether the person is hungry

    So if this is beginning to sour a little like what drug addicts and alcoholics experience wen they see their drug or drink choice, you’re not far off.

    Interestingly, our teacher continued with info on dopamine. It plays a significant role in attention, movement, emotions, pain, pleasure, and addictions. It is responsible for increasing the drive to eat.

    Those who consistently ate junk food required higher levels of the high-fat foods to feel relieved.

    Suger is the primary cause for dopamine spikes. In addition, when fat was added, the drive to eat was significantly stronger. The more multi sensory you make the food (sugar, fat, cold – like ice cream) the more reinforcing it becomes and the more you want it again and again.

    Thanks Joe for the info. Some interesting stuff to ponder…and hopefully answers the question.

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