My jeans were falling off my bum today. Nice problem to have, but I like these jeans. When I was commenting on it (not complaining) my husband said, “Well then stop….wait. Never mind. Don’t stop.” I thought it was sweet. If you’ve never met my husband let me introduce you…

Cute, right?! I’m a lucky girl. He is a very good husband, too. Perhaps you noticed he looks kinda skinny. He’s got great genes (and he looks good in his jeans). He has made me feel loved and beautiful nearly every day we have been married. He’s supported me when I have tried to lose weight before and not said a word when things didn’t go well…or ended abruptly. He has given me the space to make my decisions, and loved me no matter what.

I really do feel blessed, because I know that isn’t always the case for women. A friend told me in confidence this week that her husband said it was time for her to lose weight. {crickets} I’m sure it was said in love, but the sting of it…hard to recover from. I’m obstinate. I think that is why Heavenly Father gave me my husband. If my hubs said that to me I might’ve gone out and eaten a cheesecake to spite him. That’s not healthy…in any sense of the word. But the truth of it is if you are going to lose weight it has to be your decision. For some of us, it’s hard to make that decision…again. We’ve made the decision before with little or no success. Why would we want to put ourselves through it AGAIN?!

I have one good answer: because you CAN lose the weight (all of it). You CAN get healthy. You CAN look seriously hot in a nice pair of jeans….or boots…or dress…or whatever you wanna look hot in. What is stopping you? Tell me and I will join your support group to help you overcome that obstacle(s).

Why do I believe that you can? Because I gained a half a pound this week. Maybe it was PMS or muscle weight (my bum is seriously sore from this week’s workouts) or maybe its my lack of time which translated into too much eating out. No matter the reason, I did not give up. I (most nights) got a good night sleep. I still did not eat candy. I got 3 workouts in. I will not let that half a pound phase me. Not even a little. It may even have increased my resolve to work harder this week and make sure the scale is in my favor next Friday.

I believe you can because weight loss isn’t just about success. Real weight loss, the kind I’m trying to achieve this time (The time. My time) real weight loss comes from not giving up, from overcoming the obstacles, from Resolve.  Do you have it?

My resolve this week will be focused on better planning my family meals. No drive-thrus. We may “have to” go out to celebrate my handsome hub’s promotion (woot! woot!), but that can still be healthy. I resolve to take at least one day to go walking/jogging/running. It will mostly be walking, but I want to work up to a run…in addition to my regular workout class I attend.

Wish me luck!…and I’ll wish the same for you!


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  1. First, I love that I now look older than Harland, how does he never age?! Ok, but more importantly, I LOVE this post. I love and appreciate that you recognize what may have caused the half pound but, more than that I love that you know this is a journey and it’s going to happen so you make changes for next week. Proud of you and your commitment to get healthy!

  2. I have some easy crock pot dinners that when combined with a crock pot cover, means healthy, quick and easy to clean up meals. That’s my I’m not going to have time to cook tonight solution.

  3. Aut – he looks older…than before…but I still have hope that he’ll go gray before me. Kids have asked Emma if he’s her older brother. I can only imagine what they think when they see us together. (Why’s he with that old, fat lady?!)

    Thanks for the support! You were a big part of my inspiration, Miss Skinny. Maybe you should guest post one week with your experience…?

  4. I love your attitude! and I agree with you, Harland is a good looking guy :).
    Someone posted this link in facebook:
    This trainer gained a lot of weight to understand how hard is to loose it back and he is finding out how hard its to let go of certain foods too. It’s not as easy as many people think(I would never be able to give up my tortillas and bread).
    I admire your determination because in life its so much easier to just give up when we find struggles. Keep it up!!

  5. Tear, sniff, tear.(many tears) I don’t know what my obstacle(s) are. I have been at this for over 4 months and have yet to get below 240. This week alone I gained and lost the same 3.5 lbs and I too have a neurotic weigh-in routine including getting on the scale twice to make sure it is the same number. Last week it was 8 lbs over night. What is that about!! I worked out 6 times, 2 of those were even in the same day. I have weights in my routine and pilates to break it up. I have cut portions and do not drink soda. Needless to say my Resolve is just about gone as the voice in my head has steadily gotten louder that I am on the losing end of the battle. The only thing I can figure is that my stress level has gone through the roof due to some things that have all happened over close to the same time period. Perhaps my workouts are only doing enough now to keep me sane. In any case I am so tired of leaving the gym sweaty and sore and having nothing to show for it. I am so happy for you ladies in your journeys and there have certainly been days that the only reason I have gotten on the treadmill is because of your motivation! I am thankful for this blog!

    Just a note- Harland doesn’t look much different than when I met him in the 8th grade, he was in high school. Just a few more lines around the eyes. He needs to share his secret!!!!!

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