The Big 0

That’s how much I lost this week according to my scale. Sometimes I really hate my scale. Of course, it’s really my way of directing my feelings toward an inanimate object instead of myself. I know it’s really been the slips (no candy bars) I’ve had this week. I have allowed myself too many this’s and that’s. I am stuck at 172. I’m not happy at 172 so I need to regroup, reassess, and re – get my butt in gear! How’s that for honesty!

I’m down a total of 9 lbs since I’ve started keeping track again. Time is tough to find, but the goal is important to me so I need to dedicate more time to it. I have some semi-worthy excuses…like having a cold (hard to exercise when you can’t breathe) and a UTI (too much info?) I’m feeling much better now, so it’s time to get my movin’ groovin’.

I did register for the Turkey Trot 5K and it would be smart of me to have a little conditioning before the day arrives. Team name Cold Turkey in case you wanted to join me huffing and puffing the whole way.
So–what do I plan to do?

  • Get on the treadmill in the morning before I get dressed
  • Start my day with a shake I’ve slacked on this and know it makes a big difference
  • Buy veggies and fruit I enjoy for the house tomorrow
  • Stop eating by 9pm – late night snacking is dangerous
  • Plan a menu and stick to it when camping this weekend.

That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it.

Before I sign off for the night I want to introduce a new weekly contributor to our little blog. We will hear from her tomorrow (Tuesdays). She and I have known each other a few years but have gotten closer more recently and I am so thankful for that. I love her to pieces and hope you will too. She is a straight shooter with a warped sense of humor that I adore. She mentioned that blogging might help her in her battle to lose weight…I said, “Join the team!!!” I find it’s been helping me. I hope it’s helping you too. I hope it will help her as well…Welcome Jenn!


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  1. I want to just throw my scale out the window quite often. I am working toward our Turkey Trot. I was getting psyched, had a count down sheets I would tear off every day with motivating sayings, and then they posted the route yesterday. My hope of a fairly flat course was dashed. “At least it is downhill at the end,” says hubby. Oy!
    I just love this blog. Every time I read a post there is a part of me in it. It’s nice to see I am not the only one with these struggles, fears, neurotic behavior, and frustrations.
    The scale will move, just keep it up!

  2. Wait…you run on your treadmill NAKED? That’s way more TMI than your UTI 😉

    You and I have lost almost the same. I’m at 8.5 lbs. That’s dang good progress, friend! I think I’m going to start printing out my goals for the week and posting them in my room. I’m hoping it will help me stick to my plan.

    Looking forward to Jenn’s post tomorrow!

  3. Oh ABC! I’m getting right into workout clothes instead of showering and street clothes. Today didn’t work out because I didn’t plan well, but hope to still get it in tonight…but tomorrow…no excuses!

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