Change is good?

This morning I did not take my husband to the airport.

Sixteen years and I still want to be the last thing he sees before he leaves town and the first thing he sees when he gets back. But today…today his flight was interfering with my Friday morning weigh in routine. When I told him I didn’t want to miss exercise class I only half meant it. I wanted to miss class and kiss him at the curb before his weekend away! But more than that I wanted to get my workout in and do my neurotic weigh in routine. He wasn’t phased one bit. I pouted a little, but he assured me that my priorities were in the right place. I love that man!

1.6 lbs. down this week!

Before I went back to college as a “reentry student” I spent too much time watching TV. I’d watch while I folded laundry. I’d have it on in the background while I blogged or cleaned house or made dinner. I would just sit and watch anything that even remotely looked interesting. Tonight I sat in front of the TV for longer than I have spent watching the entire rest of October: 2 whole episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (and I’m still not caught up). I’ve decided that 2 hours of (mostly) uninterrupted TV is a good reward for me these days. Of course, I only have time to watch TV on Fridays or maybe Sunday afternoons. But lucky for me I weigh in on Fridays and (if all goes well) will be looking for a non-ingestible treat!

Yesterday here in beautiful Southern California in October it hit 103 degrees farenheit. In October. Not my kind of change.

After school it didn’t take much for the kids to persuade me we needed to go to the pool. The pool for which the heater has been turned off for the season. My middle child jumped in then said, “I’m refreshed. Can I go home?” It was THAT cold. But we stayed. And while we swam I noticed something peculiar: the board shorts I bought at the beginning of the summer fit me so much better! When I first got them the slightest movement would pop the velcro front open. I swam the whole day without the embarrassing pop. Woo hoo! That just confirmed to me that I need to follow in Aim’s footsteps and measure.

This morning after I weighed in and before I was fully clothed I pulled out my tape measure and created a spread sheet (not with the tape measure – it was two different things – in case you were confused). Maybe I’ll share with you at some point. Maybe.

I lost over a pound, so you’d think “Good week!” Right? But I know I didn’t do as much exercise as I could have. This week, I plan to get at least 4 workouts in. Four. That’s doable.

And I’m sticking to my pledge to Rae – no candy.

And I really need to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. At least! (she types as the clock is about to hit midnight)

Wish me luck!


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  1. Change is good just not always easy. I had/have an early bedtime goal as well (it’s 11:37p) but best laid plans and all……. Isn’t it great to put on clothes and have them loose! Keep it up! Hope the boys didn’t get into too much trouble together!LOL

  2. Oh AB, I sure love you. I am so glad you are sticking to it and that your clothes are fitting better. I am trying for early bed time as well, mostly because I am starting to function less and less on little sleep. Keep up the great work! I am here behind/beside you all the way!! (I will also be needing this in just a few short months!!)

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