The Trifecta!

It seems that Halloween is the beginning of the Trifecta…the perfect set of stumbling blocks to any diet.  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas…at least in respect to the yummy food that you eat too much of way too often.

During the month of October and more and more as you get closer to Halloween, candy is everywhere!  Thanksgiving give you free license to pack your gullet full of all the tasty food that puts you into a sleepy stupor.  Christmas brings event after event where you are walloped with scrumptious food right at your fingertips…and how can you not sample some since it’s the good stuff that you probably won’t see other times of the year.

So what to do?  It’s coming… Knowing that it is coming and I cannot stop it, I am working on goals to help me through.  Goals!  I may not meet them perfectly, but it will engage my mind into a deeper battle before I succumb or succeed in avoiding the traps in my journey through the end of the year.

I mentioned last week that I am not going to have a single candy bar during this month.  My hubby laughed at me and mentioned how convenient it is that Halloween is the last day of October and November is just a day away…so I can just mack on it all then  SO  I’m extending my goal through November.  I don’t usually eat the stuff but for some reason Halloween give you free license to eat a ton, so I won’t start.  Talking to my family about my goal also helps me…told them what my goal is and now I’m accountable to them AND they know not to offer me any candy!  If they do they are busted!  I’m going to find a way to include exercise into my Harvest fun as well.  There’s a HUGE corn maze close to us that takes an hour or longer to get through.  Since you don’t stand still in a maze, it means fun exercise!  I’m there!

Turkey Trot is my help for Thanksgiving.  Moving your feet before you eat!  It seems to  keep me from stuffing my face as much – wakes up my mind and I feel invigorated.  It seems to help me remember to keep my portion size smaller and make wiser choices.  After all, I don’t want to backtrack and undo all the good achieved by getting my feet moving the days and weeks before as well.  Hey, if you live near me, you should join me.  Our team name is Cold Turkey…mostly because we don’t do much preparing for a run like that…we do it cold turkey.

What to do for Christmas?!  I’m still working out a plan.  I’m hoping that keeping my exercise routine going and the successes that come from it will help me keep my head straight when temptation comes before me.  I’m going to keep my eye open for activities that get me moving instead of the ones that have me sitting and watching.  Let me know if you hear of anything that fits.

So, I didn’t see any weight loss this week, but I did find myself fitting into a couple of things that didn’t before.  Keeping on keeping on…


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  1. I thought about corn mazes too as a fun way to get exercise! I’m impressed with your ability to go two months without candy. I usually can buy three bags of fun size milky ways for Halloween and my family and I eat them all before the end of the month. This year I got a couple bags of my favorites and put them up like decorations. When I have done a good job that day I’ll get two rolos out or eight peanut butter m&m’s. I still have most of the candy up so it looks pretty but I also get a treat once in a while.

  2. I like it!!! A goal to get us through the Tri-fecta. Hmmm…. I am all over this now, BEFORE a certain someone comes home so I am clear (in my head at least). LoL. You are doing great Rae. Have you been measuring yourself? That is one thing I was taught to do and record. It is AMAZING to see not only the pounds go, but the measuring tape getting slack is VERY nice too. Keep on swimming…I am proud of you!!!!

  3. I want to sign up for Cold Turkey!

  4. KJen – Clever! Not all of us can be as vigilant as Rae…although I told her I would.

    …then I forgot I told her and just ate 10 peanut M&Ms since my hubs was eating in front of me. Think I need to enforce a rule for family not being allowed to offer me candy! I’m glad you started talking about the “Trifecta”!

  5. KJen – that would be constant temptation to me. You have great self control. I do not!
    Another tip for you candy lovers. DON’T buy your favorites, in fact buy only candy you DON’T like or wait until the last minute to get your candy and only open it when the first kid comes knocking…then make sure it’s all gone at the end of the night…even if it means giving the last kid the whole bag.
    You can do it ABC…start again today!
    Aims- I need to measure. I haven’t yet. Good idea!
    GP – I officially signed up and have requested our team name. Should happen tomorrow. Anyone else want to walk/run with us Thanksgiving morning?

  6. Right now I am planning just me. Not sure if the rest of family will join me or not. Turkey dinner will have to wait til I’m done “glowing”!

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