Things that are not motivational in my quest to lose weight:

  • Professors offering brownies & cookies in my afternoon class right when I tend to get the munchies…and after I steered myself away from where I could buy chocolate
  • Not looking good in an outfit I love (that just makes me want to sulk and eat chocolate)
  • My sweet daughter experimenting with new baked goods recipes (my weakness!)


Things that are motivational in my quest to lose weight:

  • My sweet daughter saying, “Mom! Do you really want to eat that?”
  • A husband (oh, you have no idea how much I love this man) who asked me every day this week how my weight loss was going because he “can see a difference!”
  • Slipping and eating a donut. That may sound weird, but when the donut was not nearly as good as I expected and then I felt sick after eating…won’t do that again! Plus, I felt like I had to work harder to make up for my slip. Ouch.
  • Holding plank position longer than my beautiful, baking daughter…I even offered her a dollar if she cold hold it longer than me. (Thanks, Mandy!)
  • Encouragement in real life and on the web. I have beautiful friends.
  • Success! Check out this week’s weigh in below. Notice anything different…besides the weight?

2.4 lbs down from last week! That’s a lot! At this rate I may make the 220s by November!

I find it interesting that I was struggling to come up with 3 things for my “not motivational” list and that my “Motivational” list was much longer. Of course, both are only partial lists, but I have noticed a change in my attitude. Less justifying bad decisions and more self encouragement. We all need a little more of that, don’t we? Let that be your gift to you this week: self encouragement. Change that internal monologue to a positive and praising one. You are my friend and I know you deserve it.

For me this week will be about balancing study time and still getting in my exercise (did you know it’s a proven fact that college students get less sleep than the rest of the population). Really focusing on my late night munchies has been helpful, but I can do better. No food after I put the kids to bed. One friend suggested I chew some gum instead or brush my teeth: great idea! Trying to get some family exercise time in this weekend, too. Princess is training for swim team try-outs and Buddy needs to show improvement on his physical fitness for a Webelos badge (Cub Scouts). If we do all of that together….wholesome recreation activity! Looking forward to a good week.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Beautifully done October toes! Nice number on the scale too! You make me smile! Keep on keeping on…you’re doing it!!!

  2. I love that you can hold plank longer than your daughter. Love this post.. and love seeing your progess and I can totally see a difference.

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