I don’t wanna…

Yesterday was bad. By the time I crawled into bed,and remembered it was my day to blog, I felt like stomping my feet and saying, “I don’t wanna!” So here I am this morning, feeling guilty and a bit ashamed that I was bratty. LoL. I suppose it was the catalyst to a pretty yucky week..and I didn’t want to own up to anything at that point, least of all the fact that my goals went to downunder (and I am not talking Aussie-land). However, I promised that I would be honest in my blogging..so no blowing sushine up anywere it doesn’t belong.

We all have them. Goals, that is. Mine, I thought were relatively simple. Eat right, exercise everyday= shed pounds. Hahahahahaha. If that were only what had happened. (insert nasty sarcastic glare here). It started with a few coughs, then some fevers, the strep results being positive were just a bonus on the “awesome week” cake. And that was just my two little girls, I decided to be a real champ and injure my rotator cuff..ummm…seriously? The stink of it is, I have no idea how I did it. (and p.s. I thought it only happened to MLB pitchers with oversized bank accounts and physical therapists on speed dial). Nope, apparently when I was “talking to Bob”, we had too much of an energetic conversation when I was doing my upper torso work-out. Sheesh..not fair. I was WORKING OUT for goodness sakes. Now I am a wimp when it comes to pain. And, I tend to console myself with comfort foods. Thank Heavens for my lap-band or I swear I would be in trouble. Still, I did enough damage, and “rested” my arm (or let’s not lie…my whole self) a bit too much. I refuse to weigh. I don’t want to see the number.

So I am just going to tell you it was a sucky week…and I will do better. I’ve even started.. the 5 mile walk this morning with my ear phones in and Pandora streaming loudly was just the motivation I needed. I am ready to start new. New week..new me.. Bring it on!!!

Posted on October 6, 2011, in Aims. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I love you for your honestly! Glad you are motivated to renew your commitment and planning on a better week! Get those walks in while the weather still allows them 🙂

  2. Just keeping looking forward! You can’t do anything about the past. I got sick last week and it stalled my progress. I guess I should be happy I didn’t gain anything, but static isn’t really what I’m looking for you know? Love hearing from you! Keep doing what you can.

  3. Every day is a new day. Good for you! Hope the sickies stay away! 🙂

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