What a fantastic time with my guy!  We got back on Friday from a 4 day cruise – just the two of us.  It was a great time of connecting and enjoying each other’s company.

Cruising on water is one thing, but cruising through life…that’s a totally different thing.  I was cruising through life for quite a while and it was NOT blissful.  Not giving a care what you put in your body or how much exercise you get leads to an unhealthy, unhappy body, an unhappy me.  At the moment, oh, it is all SO good.  Later, when it all catches up to you…it’s a steep mountain that is hard to climb back down from.  Making a determined path and wise goals is the only way to go.

On my cruise, I knew I would have obstacle after obstacle.  Food! Food! Food! Really!  Everywhere you go there is more food to see, savor, gorge.  To make it to the end without cruising through was my plan, so I set goals.  I didn’t achieve all of them, but did most of them.  It made for a very different cruise then the “cruising” ones I’ve done in the past.

First, I NEVER went into an elevator.  That sounds like no big deal but when you have to go up 3-4 flights of stairs to get to dinner and another 3-5 to get to many of the activities, it’s really tempting to pop on one of those puppies that get you right there right quick.  Some nights, when we had been busy all day, it was really tempting, but I prodded along up and down the stairs.

Activities!  I didn’t lounge around the pool all day every day.  When we went to Catalina, JP and I went kayaking. We saw barracuda and other little fish here and there…not much more but it was a really fun, beautiful way to exercise – a pretty decent workout.  Getting to the location was a pretty walk as well. In Ensenada, we opted to stay onboard.  We did some of the fun “challenges” and even won medals.  I am proud to tell you I am the putt-putt champion!  JP got a medal for getting second in the corn-hole challenge (bean bag toss)  We did some of the trivia challenges too, and while they were not active activities, we worked our minds…I even won the mind bender/ brain teaser challenge (my second medal!)  We walked the ship to see what might be hiding here or there.  We had a fun day playing and exploring.  We did find our way to the deck to lounge around on our day at sea.  Got a little sun and relaxation…time to get off the ship and back to reality! I was succumbing to the zen, lounge and relax attitude.

Eating!  While I did more than I planned, I did less than if I had no plan.  I was better at the beginning of the cruise then at the end, but even so, I didn’t stop in at every spot and get a nibble.  Those nibbles add up!  I did nibble some (being honest here), but even then it was a little plate, not filled to the brim with all the goodness.  At dinner, I didn’t order all of the choices I wanted and tried to make wise decisions…like eating a salad first to fill up some, and choosing something other than a carb loaded pasta dish.  I ate what I enjoyed and didn’t eat what was ok.  I did have some, but not all of my dessert.

So, where was I when I got home?  2 lbs heavier.  Not bad!  I have lost 1 1/2 of those already and I’m working on some more forward progress.  That puts me at 172 right now.

My goals for this week (a busier than normal week) is to get on the treadmill or do some other organized exercise 4 out of 7 days and to be careful what I put in my mouth.  That means I need to get to the store so I have tasty, healthy options at home so I don’t have to eat out.

My goal for this month is to stay away from candy…empty calories that give me only a moment of satisfaction.  It will be everywhere, and if I say yes to one, I know I will unwillingly say yes to many more.  I would like to be in the low 160’s by the end of October as well and would be delighted if I saw 159!

I’ve decided instead of cruising through life, I’ll be cruising to happiness.  Join me!


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  1. I tried to leave a comment earlier from my iPad, but wordpress is not super compatible….so here I am now!

    I love that you took the stairs! That is a simple thing to change but makes such a huge difference. Great goal of not eating candy this month. It is so hard, but we (because I’m there with you!) can do it. Candy schmandy.

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