Fill-in goooood!!!

Hello friends! Another week, and here I am again barring it all in a blog. LoL. It has been a crazy busy week, and I am ready for some normalcy…yeah right!!! I started off last week with stitches, full-schedule of “Mommy-duties” and an upcoming “Fill” in my lapband (the first one). All things in their own way were giving me a bit of anxiety, and even though my exercising was pretty spot-on, my eating wasn’t always. I did decide that I need to handle things one day at a time though. I need to live in a real world mentality..and not in a “diet-bubble”. If my kids are having something that looks great, there are ways to partake without pigging out and putting myself into a depression. My Mom gave me some awesome advice. She told me that” I can’t avoid everything, or starve myself, or else I will constantly be waiting for this to be over so I can eat.” Absolutely made sense. I need to figure out what I can do to eat sensibly, a work in progress..but I am working at it!!

The big news I have is I had my very first “Fill” with my bariatric surgeon. A fill essentially is where they numb the area around my “port” (which is under the skin, upper tummy area) then inject saline through that which tightens my band around my stomach, restricting the amount of food that can go down. Thus, the moral of the story is..more restriction, less eating because I feel full. It was not as bad as I had psyched myself up for, and my sweet husband (knowing my anxiety) had actually timed a skype call to my cell-phone, right as I was walking into the room..made my day and calmed my nerves. I am a VERY lucky girl..he is awesome. The thing I was most anxious about was getting on that scale. I had worked hard, and was really hoping the results would show in numbers. I was NOT disappointed. I was initially going to just do a “reveal” of yesterdays number..then I got on the scale this morning, and my happy dance changed my mind!! As of this morning, I am very excited to say I am down to …wait for it…. 255.4lbs. Can you hear the excited screaming, totally me, I am excited even typing it!!!! Calculating everything out I have lost a total of 73 lbs since my Soldier left. My doctor actually said, you have lost a small child. How crazy is that! I NEVER want to be the number I was before. I can’t believe I ever let it get that far, and the feeling of accomplishment, even at this point is staggering! My husband will be HOME by Thanksgiving, and I am sooo motivated to keep the ball rolling and see how much I can lose between now and then. So, I have some long-term ( turkey day. LOL), and short-term goals. Crossing my fingers and praying that I can keep this positive attitude and transfer that energy into weight loss. Peeling off the pounds…woohoo!!

          Short term goal (by this time next week):

          1. Only eat until I am full, leaving it on my plate is OK!

           2. exercise AT LEAST 5 times during the week!!

            3. be chasing down the 240’s!!

            Long-term (by Thanksgiving) goal:

             1. keep feeling motivated, happy hormones are GOOD!!

             2. take time for me (hair and pedicure sound GREAT!)

              3. be down to at least 235 (or BELOW!!!)

Yes, I am doing this for me. HOWEVER, a little excitement over showing off to my hubby is a definite incentive! He is my greatest support, best friend and A REASON for my doing this. To feel beautiful, for me…and for him. Almost 16 years of marriage, and he still takes my breath away..and I want to see his eyes POP when he walks into that reception center. =) Until next week ladies..keep up the hard work, we can win this fight against being fat..if we just keep going!

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  1. I’m a little teary after reading your post and about your success. Maybe I’m tired. Or maybe you are just rockin’ awesome. Maybe a little bit of both. Love you!

  2. I’m excited for you and your successes! You are doing it! ❤

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