good news/ bad news

I’m staring at an unopened 20 oz. caffeine free Diet Coke (CFDC). I bought it less than an hour ago. I’ve been craving a soda for two days. Don’t get me wrong. Water is wonderful. Sobe Lifewater is delish. My soymilk (lactose intolerance) makes great protein shakes. But, oh how I’ve missed my bubbly friend.  CFDC is going to sit on the pencil sharpener and watch me blog. Maybe when I’m finished I’ll be ready to decide if I should crack it open or not.

Are you a bad news or good news first kind of person? Because I’m a “gimme the bad news” kind of girl. It’s always good to finish on a positive note, right? It’s settled then.

Bad news, part one: I did not avoid sugar this week. Well, that’s not a completely true assessment. Five peanut butter M & Ms is a drastic reduction from my previous habit of eating too many to count. The morning I ate the not-worth-it donut (which made me never want another donut again) I was in a bit of an unexpected time crunch and I ate no carbs the rest of the day…and parked extra far from my classroom. While I didn’t avoid sugar altogether I did drastically reduce my intake and paid better attention to what I was putting in my mouth.

Bad news, part two: Bed by 10 pm is a pipe dream.

How about some good news?! I went to two of the three free exercises classes taught at my church (Thank you, Mandy, for making me sweat uncontrollably. You are AWESOME!) I have a friend who even motivated me to think of this morning’s class in terms of last chance workout Biggest Loser style (friend, cousin…whatever). I definitely pushed harder (and kept thinking about CFDC as a reward). I walked farther distances than I had to on campus (not just on Donut Day), and I went swimming with my kids almost every day (thank you summer for lasting so long…I think).

More good news:

That’s another 1.8 lbs down! I’ve been trying not to set weight goal deadlines for myself, but if I can keep losing at this rate I could be in the 220s by my last post of October (5 weeks away). The thought of it chokes me up. But! I don’t want to be unrealistic…just motivated. This is the beginning of the hard season for me. Treats are everywhere….


That reminds me! I almost forgot to tell you: At the end of one of the three tests I took this week my professor had several plates of goodies out for us to choose from when we finished. While I was taking my test I could smell the chocolate wafting over to me.  Honestly, it was kind of annoying. I wasn’t even tempted to take one as I handed him my test and walked out the door. It has never been that easy to walk away before. Do you know why I could do that? I pondered it for a few minutes and then it came to me. This blog. You. Yes, You, my reader friend. For the first time I feel like I have a real team, a real group of people who read, comment, and give me words of encouragement when they see me in real life and online. I know that if I eat that brownie it won’t be worth it and I can’t lie about it to you. I want to succeed, because you are here reading and making me want to…you make me want to try harder, to pay attention to myself, to stick to my goals. I think I used to feel like it didn’t matter if I kept my goals or not…who would know. But now…I have you. I thank you…and yet that seems so insufficient. Please keep reading. Please share your struggles. I want to reciprocate. As much as I love “Go get ’em” comments I love the ones even more when you share with me what is hard for you. I promise this is the place to come for support and motivation. And I only have You to thank. {insert hug here}

Now! This week. I’m going to start it with a CFDC. {pause} Ahhhhhhhhh! Totally worth two weeks without soda. Maybe next time I’ll make it three weeks.


  • workout lots – try to fit in a morning walk
  • try another quinoa recipe (our stove is fixed – yay!)
  • eat more veggies
  • try harder to get to bed by 10 pm
  • don’t be weak, stay away from sugar, my slips have not been worth it

Wish me luck!

p.s. have you seen the new and improved 60-year old Kirstie Alley? If not, click here. If she can do it….

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  1. I’m so glad you hated the donut and that your M&M’s didn’t get out of control. Remember though, once you have one of those little suckers, it’s hard to stop. Darn it!
    Explain to me why you choose to delete soda from your diet completely? Is this a Dr. thing or a personal thing? I’ll save the rest of my response until I know your answer…
    At first I started blogging for you totally for you, but I realize now…even if it’s just a couple of you reading it, that it helps me more than I imagined it would…and our requirement to speak honestly keeps me real with myself. I thank you for that. You are on a streak…a couple lbs/week sounds like a fabulous goal and you can do it! Just think, instead of dreaming for something and not doing anything about it, you’re doing it. You’ll get to that goal…even if it’s a week or two later than you hope…you’ll get there! I love you!

    • The no soda is a doctor thing – no artificial sweeteners to help decrease my blood pressure. But I know that not drinking soda is supposed to help with weight loss. I’m all in this time. Making the hard sacrifices.

  2. AB- Thank you! I have been reading you gals faithfully. Every post brings a tear to my eye. I see myself in one way or another in each of you. I was so excited to see I wasn’t alone and commented freely, at first, but reading all the other encouraging posts I worried mine were wrong. So I have just kept reading and my thoughts to myself. Thank you for giving me permission to post more honestly.
    Sugar is not my downfall, don’t like chocolate. Carbs are!! Just before you started this blog I decided I would start a 5k training program. I hate to run!!! It is a 12 week program and I have been stuck on wk 5 for 4 weeks now. You can’t move on until you have done it 4 times a week. Life has gotten in the way and the past 3 wks I haven’t made it to the gym consistently. I think I am also avoiding moving on because it is the week you are suppose to sign up for a 5k race. I am up to running 15 of the 30 mins and I find that I have to increase the speed which helps my ego, but I am scared I won’t get to the race or worse come in last.
    It’s also frustrating to not see the scale moving like it should, but I have started noticing clothes fitting differently. I am choosing to focus on that.
    Keep up the good work, hard work, and know how much it helps us/me on the other side of the screen “hearing” your honesty!

    • Kris! I’m so glad you feel comfortable commenting. Hearing what other people are going through is great for us, too! Carbs are very tempting…and easy, aren’t they? Are you doing the Couch to 5K? Rae has done that before. I would say that you need to make time for YOU. Decide when you will do it this week and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way. It’s important to you! Don’t be afraid of the race. I did a 10K a few years ago when I was training with a bootcamp. I wasn’t last (one of my fears, too), and it was TOTALLY worth it. Find one. Sign up. Do something that scare you! You can’t fail if you finish.

  3. I had a donut this week as well….. Not happy about it and wondered after why I did it. I sabotage myself at every turn, and I am trying to learn why but it’s not always easy. I love reading this blog and happy Aims has people around her that are pushing her to succeed!

  4. Wow a couple pounds in a week…that is awesome!!! This’ll be fun to think of Fridays as that last hard workout. We’ll (the ladies at workout) all help push each other. You’re inspirational!

  5. Way to go!! Like how all your good , supportive friends stood in front of you tonight and ate cupcakes! Yeah, call me guilty. Shame on me. I didn’t even want it either 😦

  6. Keep up the good work! You are amazing!

  7. Thanks, AB! You inspire me, you know. I’ve been trying to eat healthier, and now when I reach in that bowl of mini-candy bars sitting on the desk of a co-worker (who literally is 5’10 and weighs maybe 100 lbs) (seriously – we think she may have a problem…) I actually have an easier time stopping myself because I think of you guys and what you are doing, and I want to support you not just by leaving you a “good job” message, but by trying to be healthier myself. So thank YOU!! Now, if I could just convince myself that walking from my desk to the copier is not nearly enough exercise….and the weather is already starting to turn here, so I need to force myself to start some kind of indoor – FREE – exercise routine, so that’s what I’m working on. Again, you girls inspire ME!! LOVE YOU and am soooo proud!!

  8. Glad I could help thinking it was a last chance workout. Mandy’s workouts are killing me. Last week my abs were sore for three days after..dang that ball and I am already feeling it this week. Have you seen the healthy eating class that Nats and Carly are putting on in our ward? You should come.. it will be inspiring.. If you need to, you can keep accountable to no sugar to me. Text me everynight like I do to Brit.

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