Comfort foods?

This week has been hard.

Our microwave broke and during removal a piece fell and cracked the glass of our cooktop stove. Expensive replacement glass will be here in 2 weeks. No microwave. No stove. No oven (the whole thing is unplugged). As if staying away from sugar and drastically reducing my carb intake wasn’t hard enough.

Well, bring it on, because when I stepped on the scale this morning…

…I lost 2.6 lbs this week!!! {happy dance}

Let’s talk about some things that helped me make it through the week.

Before the Great Kitchen Breakdown of 2011, I did cook quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) one time. I added it to my favorite summer salad: tomatoes, cucumber, celery, garbanzo beans (or chickpeas – whatever you want to call them), drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice, crushed garlic, basil (I prefer fresh but I only had dried this week) and a sprinkle of feta to top it off.

Doesn’t that look yummy and healthy?! Go ahead use my super detailed recipe. Tweak it however you like and enjoy.

Since my blood pressure was slightly elevated when I went to talk Diabetes with my doctor he told me no artificial sweeteners. No Sugar. No artificial sugar. That means my drink choices are limited….to water (lots and lots and lots of water). But my mom’s a fan of stevia, a natural sweetener that comes from an herb, and we’ve used it in beverages before so we thought we’d try to make Kool-aid with stevia instead of sugar. It was ok. I don’t know that we got the ratio right, but I don’t think we’ll try that again. Lucky for me the good people at Sobe were way ahead of me and I found this yummy drink in the refrigerator section at my local grocery store.

Yumberry indeed! See the “0 calories” and “no artificial sweeteners”? How awesome is that?

Great week. I’m learning to change what comfort food means to me (and it’s paying off)! For this coming week I’ll be avoiding sugar…again, and really working on getting to bed by 10. A good night’s sleep is important in weight loss. I’ll be working out plenty, too.

Wish me luck.


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  1. That’s a lot of changes. I wonder if that makes it easier…since it’s a whole lifestyle change instead of tweaking one or two things. At any rate, I know it’s not easy…AWESOME weight loss. Keep it up my friend! Love you!

  2. Way to go, AB!!! Keep up the good work. Quinoa is supposed to be a super food. It’s good you found it and like it.

  3. I’m totally trying your summer salad. YUMMY looking!!! Thanks for the idea. What else are you eating without stove, oven or microwave?!? Guess it’s a good time to try raw food eating 😉

    • Har got a tiny microwave from a guy at work (woohoo) so he made me scrambled eggs in there for breakfast yesterday.
      Chips & Salsa. I love Chachi’s Mango Peach salsa.
      We use the toaster oven a lot. Luckily, I recently stocked up on stuff I could heat up for the kids (taquitos, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, etc)
      We’re going to use the crock pot more and I really want to get Har out on the grill this weekend.
      We’re just planning ahead…and you know I’m more of a “wing it” girl, so it’s a challenge!

  4. The salad looks delicioso!!! I’ve got to try that! Keep it up…you’re doing awesome!

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